Paid Staff Vacancies

We have no vacancies for paid staff at present.

Volunteer Vacancies

Last year, 50 volunteers at Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk donated over 21,000 hours of their time to provide the charity’s service to the community.

Our volunteers support people either face-to-face, over the phone or via email. In 2018/19 they helped local people with over 9,900 issues, by:

  • Standing up for people’s rights at work if they believe they have been bullied or unfairly dismissed.
  • Improving people’s budgeting skills, by finding ways to save money on fuel bills.
  • Helping people to check they are claiming all the benefits they are entitled to.
  • Assisting tenants to ensure they are fairly treated by their landlords.
  • Dealing with debt, designing repayment plans and negotiating with lenders.

James, a Volunteer Adviser said: “At Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk, if you give your time you get a lot back. It is really satisfying being able to help people solve their problems and see that a weight has been lifted off their mind. Being a volunteer has also given me an opportunity to learn valuable skills and work with great people. I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about volunteering at Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk.”

If you want to improve your skills, learn new ones and help us to deliver a great service, then there is a role for you at Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk.

  • Advisers – Interview clients and provide practical help and information tailored to their individual needs
  • Administrators – Ensure the office runs smoothly by supporting in various administrative tasks
  • Receptionists – Greet clients and visitors, explain our services and monitor client numbers and waiting times
  • Trustee Board Members – Responsible for the strategic direction and financial stability of Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk
  • Campaigners – Collate evidence forms and identify relevant issues in Mid Suffolk
  • Fundraisers – Help raise much-needed funds to enable Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk to keep delivering a modern service

Please contact us on 01449 676060 or email [email protected]. We will arrange a time for you to come for a visit to learn more about what we do and to discuss what role would suit you best. Then you can progress on to making an application for the role that you prefer.