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Posted: 17th March 2020

Our office is now closed to drop ins due to the Government guidance to reduce social contact.  You can still get advice from us.  We are encouraging people to contact us by phone or via our website.  We can advise on any problem over the phone, so please do not hesitate to call for advice.

You can get advice on the Citizens Advice website:

You can call us on

01449 676060

01449 676280


You can contact us using this form:

Our Advisers will get back to you during our opening hours.  It’s often helpful for us to call people for more information about their enquiry, so please include your phone number and let us know anything we need to consider when calling you.

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Everything you tell us will be treated confidentially. Sometimes we suggest that we refer you to another organisation for advice because they will be better able to help or we may need to speak to an organisation that may have information relevant to your issue. Do you agree to the Citizens Advice service sharing your personal information with other advice providers and/or other relevant agencies for the purposes of efficient appointments and obtaining information to help you with your issue?

We want to make sure the service you receive meets your needs. To help us understand this and to improve our service, Citizens Advice may want to contact you at a later date to ask for your feedback. Sometimes we need a trusted research organisation to help us do that. We need your permission to share your contact details with a trusted research partner. We may also share some high level information about your visit to make sure we are hearing from different groups. We only share what is absolutely necessary. Do you agree to the Citizens Advice service sharing your personal information with organisations so that you can be contacted to give feedback?

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